A Certainty and an Uncertainty for 2012

I start this blog post with one uncertainty and one certainty.

The uncertainty is whether many of us (yes, including me) will this year review and put our estate planning in order, or will we put it off for another year.

The certainty is that we will at some point die, and prior to death possibly have a period of incapacity.

Many of us believe we ultimately will one day feel like taking on the task of our estate planning. My experience, however, is that expecting this feeling is illusive and most of us will continue feeling like not taking on this task. Realistically, the key is simply to push through with the necessary effort and get it done, and behind you. This year 2012.

My January 2012 newsletter is intended to help you move this estate planning process to the finish line.   Here is the link to the newsletter.

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