Governmental Regulation and the Obesity Epidemic

I am old enough to remember the days when people and pundits objected to the idea of governmental regulation of tobacco.   I am thankful for this regulation, particularly that my children are not bombarded with a deluge of print and media advertising that glorifies smoking, nor are they exposed to second-hand smoke.

Today, similar objections to regulation of the food industry are diminishing in view of the rising epidemic of obesity.  There ultimately will be, in my opinion, appropriate governmental regulation of the food industry akin to tobacco.  The “nanny government”, “food police” objections by the no-government/free-market pundits will decrease and ultimately sound reactionary.

Last night, HBO began a series of excellent documentaries — free for non-subscribers — that shed light on our obesity problem, particularly its effect on our children.

Click here for the link to the first episode of this HBO series. This is worth watching.

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