Estate Planning and the Cost-Benefit; It’s Up to You

Many people misunderstand estate planning and believe it is (or should be) merely a short, simple paper that shows how property is to be split among beneficiaries.  It can be this short and simple;  however, the price for this simplicity will likely be repetitive and expensive court oversight at some later point so as to deal with the absence of a vast array of executor and trustee powers, authorization, what-ifs, etc. 

Thus, an important goal with longer, more sophisticated documents is to avoid the time and expense (including lawyers’ fees) for this costly court oversight. 

You simply have to weigh whether you wish now to spend the time, energy and money on adequate and effective estate planning documents as a preventive measure or wait until later and most likely deal with more costly problems and gaps that often arise from the absence of this planning.  This really boils down to your cost-benefit consideration.

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