My August 8 web seminar: Trusts for Asset Protection in Divorce (50% discount; see below)

I will be speaking with two other lawyers (including divorce lawyer Marvin Solomiany with the Atlanta law firm Kessler & Solomiany) in an upcoming live phone/web seminar, “Trusts for Asset Protection in Divorce“.  You can participate at your computer on Wednesday, August 8, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT.

If you use the following registration link you get a 50% discount.  For more information or to register at half price >   You can also call 1-800-926-7926 ext. 10.

The seminar is 75 minutes and includes pdf outline and PowerPoint materials.  We will provide a live question and answer session following our presentation.

Trusts are frequently relevant (but also often purposely obscure) in a divorce proceeding, particularly when a spouse has an indirect interest in a trust.  Practitioners must be able to identify specific trust features that can make a difference.  Those features also  impact whether the trust assets can be reached or at least counted in the divorce proceeding, potentially affecting the measure of alimony and property division.

This web seminar will help practitioners understand what specific discovery techniques are effective, whether a spouse has direct or indirect interests in a trust, whether that interest is material, and what attacks can be made against the trust in the divorce proceeding.

I hope you will join us on August 8.

James M. Kane, attorney (404) 658-5422 [Atlanta]

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