A Lawyer Should Help You Attain Freedom and Power (also, this is a book review)

My 20+ years of lawyering bring me to conclude a lawyer’s contribution should be to help clients attain freedom and power. Freedom from otherwise preventable hurdles, conflicts, controversies, misunderstandings, third-party claims [e.g., asset protection], expense, damages, etc. And, power in order to stand confident, strong, durable, and ethically in life. My conclusion also is that 80% of people have wrongly accepted a “go-along / get-along” perspective. This, in my view, is a non-fulfilling response to life. I, therefore, strive to help my clients fall into the other 20%.

Here I make only one brief, personal comment relevant to the following book review. That is, I have never been able to accept the notion of bowing down to anyone, period. For both religious and non-religious reasons. And, this point is why I am so taken with the following book.

The Wall Street Journal recently (12-19-14) reviewed “Inventing the Individual”, by Larry Siedentop.  This is an extraordinary history about the development of individual liberty from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Siedentop is an emeritus fellow of Keble College, Oxford.

Siedentop is not proselytizing a religious view.  [I would not have read this book if this were the case]. Rather, he highlights individual liberty aspects of Judeo-Christian history that I find very well stated.

Click here for the Wall Street Journal review.

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