When Someone Tells Me to Jump . . . I Don’t.

I harp frequently on the notion that most people are much too willing to follow the demands of others.   I don’t.

This willingness allows  others to frame your situation, rather than you first applying your own framework, before you decide whether and how you wish to respond to, agree, or disagree with the other person.

In 2012 I wrote a blog post on this same notion.   Click here for my post.  Dozens of times I have had clients end up in costly litigation because they either signed documents they could (and should) have avoided or agreed to something otherwise unnecessary.   Often a client’s response is something along the line “I didn’t want to make them mad.” or “I didn’t really think about it.” or “They told me it was OK to sign the document.”, etc.

Whose framework applied?

A couple days ago my family and I watched the movie “Compliance”. This is an extremely powerful movie (2012 R-rated) about how readily, and easily, people follow the direction and command of others, to a horribly tragic result in this movie.   Click here for a link to the Compliance movie site.

No spoiler here.  But, this movie struck my entire family very powerfully.   The depiction of events also seems unbelievable, until you read Wikipedia and other sources about the movie being based on a true happening at a McDonalds in Kentucky (that resulted in both civil and criminal proceedings).




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